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    Online-Lån.dk’s Mission

    Online-Lån.dk is set in the world to help and guide our users in the financial jungle, it can easily feel like being a part of when searching for an online loan on the internet.

    Online-Lån.dk’s Vision

    Online-Lån.dk wants and helps the average Dane on his way to a better overview of his personal finances.

    Who is Online-Lån.dk

    Online-Lån.dk is run by a committed and dedicated team, all with an interest in personal finance. Our motto is “Our job is your overview”.

    What does Online-Lån.dk do

    Online-Lån.dk operates a 100% free and transparent comparison site with a focus on financial products and personal finance.

    You can be guided and guided in the jungle of online loans, and get help applying for your next overdraft , car loan or just a general consumer loan .

    We save you time and effort, as you are free to search the web thinly for different providers and even compare the different services – with us we have already gathered the overview with information such as

    • Loan amount
    • Runningtime
    • ÅOP
    • Minimum age

    We also take the time to review most loan providers and banks on the Danish market, so you can always read more about your future bank or loan provider.

    We are also regularly reported on TrustPilot – here you can see what other users have said about Online-Lån.dk

    How does Online-Lån.dk make money

    Online-Lån.dk is a 100% free service for the Danish consumer – our service will never cost you money, but in order to maintain the high level of service, we have to make money somewhere.

    Online-Lån.dk is an advertising-financed comparison site, which is why we can be paid to pass you on to our partner banks.


    Online-Lån.dk tries to keep the site as up to date as possible – but we also make reservations for any errors and omissions that may arise in connection with the financial products that we refer to, as there may be ongoing changes In loan amount, interest rate, APR or other related to the given loans or loan providers.

    We strive to review and update the listed companies, as well as products.


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